Support Information

The technical information of BC-USB-Kit is listed at this sectionlink of BC::labs. The information of pin headers, which are needed to be attached to BC-USB-Kit when a USB gadget is developed with this kit, is listed BC-USB-Kit/Pin Header Informationlink. The schematics and other hardware information of BC-USB-Kit are published at BC-USB-Kit/Manouallink. How to write a firmware into PIC on BC-USB-Kit is explained at BC-USB-Kit/get startedlink.

About Pin Headers, which are used with BC-USB-Kit

  • BC-USB-Kit Pin Header Information
    • BC-USB-Kit needs two different types of pin headers. One is an L-Shaped 6-Pin Pin Header. This is needs for connecting an In-Circuit Debugger. The other is DIP 28P Connection Pin. This is used for connecting to an IC socket and a breadboard.

Technical Information of BC-USB-Kit

  • BC-USB-Kit Manual
    • The technical information of BC-USB-Kit is published. The information includes the diagrams and layout drawing of BC-USB-Kit. Please use it when you develop own USB gadget with BC-USB-Kit.

How to Write a Firmware into BC-USB-Kit

  • BC-USBKit get started
    • To use the test firmware, which uses the humidity and temperature sensor on BC-USB-Kit, it shows the installation process of firmware to PIC sequentially. The process includes how to build the test firmware and how to write it into PIC. Also, it introduces the applications and a device, which are needed for building and deploying a firmware to BC-USB-Kit.


The parts listed below are NOT included into BC-USB-Kit, but these are necessary for developing a gadget on BC-USB-Kit. Please prepare these parts separately.

  • Pin Headers
    • L-Shaped 6-Pin Pin Header: Used for connecting to an In-Circuit Debugger
    • DIP 28P Connection Pin: Used for connecting expansion terminals with an IC socket and a breadboard
  • In-Circuit Debugger
    • MPLAB ICD 3 or MPLAB PICKit 3 (select only one)
  • Applications
    • MPLAB X IDE (Integrated Development Environment for PIC)
    • MPLAB XC16 (16bit Compiler)