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About BeatRun

BeatRun is an iOS application, which monitors workout activities such as working, running, and bicycling and allows to record and to manage workout data on iPhone. Using the GPS sensor of iPhone, BeatRun detects the current location, tracks workout activities and shows the trajectories of workout activities on the map in real time. BeatRun also displays the workout statistics such as distance, time, speed, and pace in real time.

  • ■ BeatRun
    • Workout activity is divided by three different categories: working, running, and bicycling.
    • o use GPS of iPhone, the start, goal, and present locations are detected. Workout activities are traced on the map. The trajectories of activities are shown in the map.(BeatRun does not require any additional sensors for the basic workout statistics and tacking the workout activities)
    • Based upon the collected GPS data, distance, speed, average speed, and average pace are calculated.
    • All Workout data are displayed along with map showing the trajectories of activities are displayed in real time.
    • Workout data including trajectories on the maps are saved in iPhone.
    • Workout data is uploaded to SNS.
      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • RunKeeper

    • Note
      • Does not support iPod touch, which lacks GPS capabilities.
      • Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

  • ■ BeatRun and ANT Adapter
    • As BeatRun is used with ANT Adapter, which is developed by BeatCraft. Inc, BeatRun can communicate some ANT+ devices and display their data. The ANT+ device profiles, which BeatRun and ANT Adapter support, are listed below.
      • Stride Based Speed and Distance
      • Heart Rate
      • Bicycle Speed and Cadence

    • ANT Adapter
      • ANT Adapter allows the selected iPhone and iPod touch to communicate with ANT+ sensors. ANT Adapter works with iPhone and iPod touch, which have 30-pin connector and internal GPS sensor. (To use ANT Adapter with iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation), Apple original Lighting-30pin adapter is required.) To use ANT Adapter with ANT+ sensors, BeatRun, which is an iOS application and specifically created fro ANT Adapter, is required.