Support Information

The technical information of BC-ANT-USB as well as the basic technical information of ANT is available BC-ANT-USB page of BC::labs. Driver and libraries, which BeatCraft has developed is listed at ANT/BCA_Lib of BC::labs. The details of the libraries are published at BCA_Lib.

The drivers, libraries, other ANT related PDF documents, which Dynastream Innovation manages, are at Developer page of the ANT community site.

Library / Sample Code

  • Library for BC-ANT-USB
    • There is basic information for developing with ANT. The driver of BC-ANT-USB and other libraries are available. This site also explains basic ANT communication methods and lists C++ and Python sample code for paring ANT devices. For the details of ANT libraries, please visit BCA_Lib.

(Caution: some pages are written in Japanese. English pages are under construction.)