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The details of BC-ANT-SERIAL are explained with the examples of electronics works that use BC-ANT-SERIAL. These examples are equipped with sensors and collect information and send it to their receivers in ANT protocol. The electronics works use MSP430 series, which is developed by Texas Instrument as well as PIC 24F series of Microchip Technology Inc.

Electronics Works

  • Electronic Music Box (Basics of How to make ANT transmitter/receiver)
    • This is a series of how to make an electronic music box with BC-ANT-SERIAL. To use LPC1114 of NPX Semiconductors, this introduces how to create basic ANT transmitter/receivers. The first part shows how to create an ANT transmitter, and the second part is to develop an ANT receiver. The final part shows how to assemble an electronic music box from these ANT devices.
  • Data Display
    • This is an example of electronics work, which uses BC-ANT-SERIAL and LCD display unit. This displays the communication conditions of the ANT module. It uses PIC 24F series of Microchip Technology Inc./li>
  • Moisture Sensor
    • This example of electronics work use a moisture sensor and BC-ANT-SERIAL. Its IC is MSP430G3553 (20-pin DIP) of Texas Instruments. For the application of this sensor, please look at the application section of Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, and Alcohol Sensors as a reference.

Library / Sample Code

  • Library for PLC114
    • This page introduces the sample code and ANT libraries for LPC1114 series, a 32bit microcontroller developed by NXP Semiconductors.
  • Library for PIC24F
    • The sample code and ANT library for PIC24F series, a 16bit microcontroller of series. This is developed by Microchip Technology Inc.

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