AMI602 Breakout Module

Support Information

Currently, AMI602 has been discontinued. The product information page and support page for AMI602 are removed form the home page of Aichi Micro Intelligent Corp. The data sheet of AMI602 can not be available form the home page. The technical information of AMI602 and an example of electric work available at DIY Electronics/AMI602 Breakout Modulelink of BC::labs.


According to the recommended operating conditions at the data sheet, VID (Voltage Identification Digital) is listed at the range of 1.65~VDD (Voltage Drain Drain). However, this is wrong numbers. The correct range of VID is from 1.65 ~ 2.4V. Because of the absolute maximum rating of VID is from −0.3 ~ +4.0V, even if DVI is specified at 3.3V for some electronic works, this module is unlikely breakdown. It may suffer a malfunction. Please be careful for setting the value of VID.