Jakar Media Framework


Jakar Media Framework is a media framework, which is initially designed for creating multimedia applications for embedded systems, specifically. However recently, this framework is often used for producing general purpose applications. Since Jakar Media Framework puts the highest priority on extensibility, it avoids being dependent on one specific OS or one architecture and supports many OSes and architectures. Also, by design, this framework is capable of not only supporting variates of codecs but also adapting the new ones quickly. The extensibility and versatility of Jakar contribute to reduce the time and cost for porting applications between devices.


Jakar Media Framework consists of the unique libraries, which allow Jakar to work with different OSes, hardware architectures, and codecs. These libraries are capable of developing complex software for embedded systems fast. For example, a library absorbs the differences among the OSes and hardware, and this lets a single code works on many different platforms. Another library simplifies complex coding tasks such as synchronization among different types of media data precisely. Another library specifically handles codecs as AddOns. As a new codec is added to a program, the modifications of its code are minimum. These unique features make the greater extensibility and versatility possible.

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