BC-IoT-Kit includes the supports for the development of sensor devices and the deployment of the network technology. These technologies are critical to create own IoT. Therefore, BC-IoT-Kit enables users to deploy IoT, which is appropriate for users' goals and sizes.

  • Develop a sensor device, which is specialized for its purpose.
  • Recommend and customize appropriate routers which are fit to the size and purpose of a IoT project.
  • To utilize open source software, establish data communication, save and visualize data, and manage the system.
  • Recommend an appropriate server system, which is fitted to the amount of data that the server system handles.
    • Advantages of developing IoT with BC-IoT-Kit
    • Do not require any specific knowledge of the development of embedded devices and the deployment of network.
    • Develop a IoT project based upon its size and purse, cut the excess investment and minimize the initial investment for IoT.
    • To optimize the system, manage system efficiently and reduce and eliminate the excess on the system.


Configuration of BC-IoT-Kit

  • Sensor device
    • Sensor device: thermometer, hygrometer, accelerometer, and other external inputs (AD conversion)
    • Wireless communication: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) a product of Nordic Semiconductor
  • BLE communication module for sensor device,
    a BLE sensor module (developed by BeatCraft, Inc.)
    • BLE_Core_Antena
    • An ultra-low power BLE module, equipped with Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52832
    • If you attach an external antenna, this BLE module is capable of sending a longer distance than other per-configured BLE modules do.
    • If your project needs only near field communication and it is cost sensitive, please use the on-board chip antenna.
  • Gateway
    • Hardware: Aterm (NEC), Armadillo-Box (Atmark Techno, Inc.) and other commercial routers
    • Software: BLE Gateway Application、logrotate、fluentd
  • BLE communication dongle for gateway,
    a BLE gateway dongle (developed by BeatCraft, Inc.)
    • BC_BLE_USB
    • This is a USB IF antenna module, you can select any suitable antenna for its working environment.
    • A BLE communication dongle for gateway can communicate several BLE communication modules.
    • As a directional antenna is attached to this BLE communication dongle for gateway, it can be used within a building well.
  • Server
    • Software: fluentd、mongodb、elasticsearch、Kibana、Apache2


The sensor devices collect temperature and other data and automatically send them to the gateways by bluetooth low energy (BLE). At the gateways, the collected data are automatically sent to the server via the Internet. At the server, the received data are saved and modified for their visualization. These visualized data can be studied from a client PC and mobile devices such as an iPad and Android tablet.. The client PC also manage IoT system. Moreover, the sensor devices are configured by a mobile device.


  • Examples
    • Collect the data of temperature and humidity at glasshouses. To use the collected data, effectively and automatically manage air conditioning system and save the energy and managements costs.
    • Monitor the internal temperature of machinery, and collect the data. Based upon the collected data, predict errors and the conditions of parts.
    • Manage temperature and humidity of factories and stores where produce and store products that require strict conditioning management.
    • Manage the temperature and humidity of cargos and packages while they are in transit.
    • Measure temperature distribution in an office, provide effective air conditioning, and save the energy costs.