BeatRun with RunKeeper


Using BeatRun with RunKeeper, you can organize your workout results on the web.
Connecting BeatRun with RunKeeper, you can directly upload your workout data from BeatRun to RunKeeper, and you can enjoy the features and service of RunKeeper. (The basic version is free.)


  • RunKeeper provides not only daily but also weekly and monthly statistics.
  • RunKeeper adds extra statistics such as Total Climb and Calories Burned.
    (RunKeeper calculates Total Climb and Calories Burned as using GPS data that BeatRun provides.)
  • You can set own goals and targets for workout, and RunKeeper provides supports for achieving own workout goals and targets.

How to Connect BeatRun with RunKeeper

  1. Download BeatRun from iTunes App Storelink.
  2. Register with RunKeeperlink.
  3. Integrate RunKeeper with BeatRun.
  4. Upload your workout data to RunKeeper from BeatRun.
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