BeatRun is GPS based workout monitor, which tracks activities such as walking, jogging (running), and cycling and manages your records of workout. Using GPS sensor, this iOS application tracks activity, and calculates speed, pace, and distance. This application manages and stores the records of activities in iPhone.


BeatRun is capable of tracking three different types of workouts: walking, jogging (running), and cycling. To take advantage of iPhone's internal GPS sensor, the distance, time, speed, and pace are measured. The activity is also mapped in real time.

Workout data is uploaded to SNS such as Twitter, Facebook, and RunKeeper from BeatRun. You can manage and share your workout data without using a PC.

To attach ANT adapter, developed by BeatCraft, Inc, to iPhone, you can also use the selected ANT+ sensors with BeatRun. BeatRun works with heart rate monitor, stride sensor, and bicycle speed/cadence sensor(s). It receives the data from these sensors and display it. The list ANT+ sensors, which ANT Adapter support is published at the support page of ANT Adapterlink.

To download BeatRun, please move to iTunes App Store from this pagelink. Then download BeatRun.

To integrate BeatRun with RunKeeper, please visit this pagelink.