bc10 Mk-II


bc10 Mk-II is an OMAP 3530 based CPU board. Its size is about a DIMM memory module. To develop a base board, you can build own embedded system without specific knowledge of CPU placement. To replace one base board to another based upon your needs, you can create different types of embedded systems with one CPU board. This means bc10 Mk-II can be used at different levels of a product development. A bc10 Mk-II can be managed to handle an R&D level to a production-ready level just replacing base boards. To employ bc10 Mk-II, you may reduce the time and cost for designing and re-designing around the CPU.


On a 204pin DIMM sized PCB, a CPU OMAP3530 (with PoP memory module), its companion chips, IC TPS65950 and IC USB3222 and other required pats are placed. IC TPS65950 processes audio and manages power, and IC USB3322 handles the USB physical driver. Since OMAP3530 employs PoP, its memory module is located on the top of CPU. There are no needs to put its memory module separately and to place the line for it. As the lines for its power and peripherals are connected to its hosting DIMM slot on a base board, bc10 Mk-II can be used immediately. bc10 Mk-II works with Android, Embedded Linux, and other Open Source OSes.