This is an ANT-USB dongle. ANT is a wireless sensor network protocol, which runs in the 2.4GHz ISM band. BC-ANT-USB fully works with “Software Tools,” which are available at the ANT community site. This site is manged by Dynastream Innovation Inc, the creator of ANT. To obtain the software and documents, registration is required. As BC-ANT-USB is attached to a PC, you can study basic of ANT protocol and/or how to develop an ANT infused applications. BeatCraft, Inc. also provides ANT driver and libraries at BC::labs.


BC-ANT-USB is equipped with nRF24AP2-USB, the second generation of ANT-USB IC, which is developed by Nordic Semiconductor. This ANT-USB IC handles 8 channels of ANT. It communicates with USB 2.0 standard. BC-ANT-USB has been received Technical Conformity from the Japanese authority. This device meets the Radio law, so you can freely use it in Japan. However, it is illegal to modify or break down the certified device.