BC-ANT-SERIAL is an ANT-Serial bridge module. Resulting from making the module small, it can work with another microcontroller (IC) well, and developer builds an ANT device easily. This module is very suitable for hobbyists and studying how to create an ANT device. Also, BC-ANT-SERIAL can be used for R&D, and a prototype of an ANT device can be created with this module.


The size of this ANT-Serial module is 25 x 15 x 2.5 mm. It uses Nordic Semiconductor's an 8-ch ANT chip, nRF24AP2-8CH. This is capable of handling only asynchronous serial communication. This module meets the regulatory standards and has been received Technical Conformity from the Japanese authority. You can freely use this device in Japan. However, the modifications and breaking down of this device is illegal. Please be careful.