AMI602 Breakout Module



This is a breakout module of a 6-axis motion sensor, which is a product of Aichi Micro Intelligent Corp. This motion sensor consists of a geomagnetic sensor and acceleration sensor. Its embedded micro-controller also acts as a pedometer. AMI602 is mounted into a DIP16p socket for ease of use. PIC and other micro-controller can access to AMI602 via I2C communication.


AMI602 is a 6-axis motion sensor, which consists of a 3-axis geomagnetic sensor and a 3-axis acceleration sensor. These sensors detect geomagnetism and gravity respectively, and the micro-controller inside the sensor processes the data and calculates posture angles, acceleration, progression and rotation speeds against the reference axis. It means that AMI602 not only points out the orientation, but also detects inclination and movement. A micro-controller of AMI602 can act as a pedometer. It figures out the steps, speed, and direction based upon the data that these sensors obtained.

This breakout module is connected to a micro-controller such as PIC via I2C. The range of VID (Voltage Identification Digital) is from 1.65V to 2.4V. The range of VDD (Voltage Drain Drain) is from 2.6V to 3.6V. The size of the breakout module is 1.35 x 2.4 (cm). AMI602 breakout module accepts the connection socket for DIP16P (male-male pin).